What's New for 17 February 2017 Patch Release

The following is released along with the 17 February 2017 patch release:

Feature Description
Access Broadbean Posting from Job Postings Page With this enhancement, you can now access Broadbean posting from the Job Boards section on the Job Postings page. The name of each Broadbean posting will now be a link. Click the linked name to open the posting in a new tab.
Access Job Postings Page from Job Requisition With this enhancement, you can now access the Job Postings page from the Applicant Review tab in the job requisition. A Submit & Manage Postings button is added to the bottom of the Applicant Review tab. Clicking the button saves and submits the job requisition, and then opens the Job Postings page.
Batch Update Dynamic Assignment Tool With this enhancement, certain options for existing dynamic learning assignments can be updated in bulk via a case submission to Global Customer Support.
Copy Learning Assignments With this enhancement, the option to copy learning assignments is available on the Manage Learning Assignments page of the Learning Assignment Tool.
Excel Icon in Processing Asynchronous Standard Reports When exporting an asynchronous standard report to Excel, the Excel icon now appears as disabled while the report is exporting. Once the report is done exporting to Excel, the icon is enabled again.
Manage Job Postings in Pending Approval Status With this enhancement, job postings to career sites, recruiting agencies, Career Center, and as smart referrals can now be configured when the requisition is a status of Pending Approval.
Custom Integration - Assessment Results on Manage Applicants Page With this enhancement, new columns are now available for the Manage Applicants page that display an applicant's assessment results for custom integrations.
Online Course Timeout Workflow

The online course timeout workflow is updated to provide users with a logical series of notifications for online course and portal timeout progression.