Deprecation of (Legacy) Course Publisher with the July '24 Release

The Course Publisher has been used to upload Online Courses since 2009. In 2017, Cornerstone introduced the Content Uploader, a course upload tool used by over 81% of our customers.

The Content Uploader counters the following limitations of Course Publisher:

(Legacy) course publisher content uploader
Requires Licensing. Unlimited Usage and permission-based.
250MB course size limit.​ 2GB course size limit
Limited file and structure validation on the new version or replace, potentially causing issues with launch and progress tracking. Enhanced file and structure validations with errors and warning to prevent issues with course launch and progressed tracking.
It does not support versioning with a course that is a different learning protocol than the previous version.​ New versions can be created in any learning protocol, regardless of the original course’s protocol.​
No option to set automatic versioning rules, new version must be assigned manually to users.​ Advanced Versioning configuration page, automatically assigns the new version to users based on the configurations made during versioning.​
New version does not trigger Curriculum versioning, new version must be manually updated in Curriculum. Curriculums with previous versions of the course will be automatically versioned, and users will get the new version based on the configurations made during the versioning.

As the Content Uploader was designed as an improved replacement for Course Publisher to address the challenges identified in Course Publisher and enhance the administrator experience for uploading, versioning, and modifying online courses, Cornerstone will deprecate the Course Publisher and upgrade all clients to use the Content Uploader.

Deprecation Milestones

  • November ’23 Release: Deprecation announcement
  • March ’24 Release: Content Uploader Enhancement: Bulk Publish
  • July ’24 Release: Course Publisher disabled in customer portals and Content Uploader enabled in customer portals

The customers are encouraged to begin using Content Uploader prior to the deprecation in the July ’24 Release. Content Uploader can be self-activated in Feature Activation Preferences. To activate, ADMIN > TOOLS > LEARNING > LEARNING PREFERENCES > FEATURE ACTIVATION PREFERENCES. In the Activate Content Publishing Features for Online Courses section, click Activate.


Content Uploader Tool – Create an Online Course - Overview