Check-Ins Share With Me Enhancements

Prior to this enhancement, users were not able to view all of the Check-Ins shared with them in one centralized location.

With this enhancement:

  • The new Check-Ins Shared with Me tab lets users review all Check-Ins Series shared with them in a single location.
  • The new Shared with area is available for easy access to the Share flyout.
  • Users can share archived Check-In series.

Users can also share Check-Ins series from their mobile devices.

To use this functionality, an administrator must enable it on the Check-Ins Settings page. To access, go to ADMIN > PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT > CHECK-INS SETTINGS. Enable the Check-Ins View Permission option.

Share With Me Page

To access the Shared With Me tab, search for or select a series participant from the sidebar, then select the Check-In Series Name. The latest meeting in the check-in series opens.​

Shared with

There are two ways to access the Shared with area to open the Share flyout:

  • In the header of the Check-In series, select Shared with to open the Share flyout.
  • On the User Profile page, select Shared with to open the Share flyout.

On the Share flyout, users can view, share, and delete participants.

All changes are visible on the Modification History page for Check-Ins. SeeSee Check-Ins - Manage Settings.

Share Archived

Users can now share archived Check-In meeting series without having to restore it first.

To share an archived meeting series, select the Archived tab for a participant. From the action menu, select Share.

Share from Mobile Devices

Meeting series participants can also share a Check-In series through their mobile devices. A series can be shared through the User profile and the Check-In series.


**Add any considerations or exceptions here, if available.**


This functionality is automatically enabled for all organizations using the Performance module.


The following existing permissions apply to this functionality:

Check-Ins - Create

Grants ability for the user to create and update Check-Ins. The permission constraints determine with whom the user can create Check-In discussions. This permission can be constrained by OU, User's OU, User Self and Subordinates, User, User's Subordinates, User's Direct Reports, User's Self, User's Manager, User's Superiors, and Employee Relationship. Users with constraints in the “Check-Ins - Create” permission cannot create a new Check-In with anyone who is not part of the constraints, but can still view and update any Check-In in which they are a participant.

This is an end user permission.

Note: Permission constraint to Employee Relationship grants permission to dotted line or secondary managers to create Check-Ins with users that report to them in the matrix structure. A constraint "Restricted to Employee Relationship: Detail Supervisor" means that the Detail Supervisor can create a Check-In with their indirect subordinate but the indirect subordinate cannot create a Check-In with their Detail Supervisor.