Ability to Assign Training Beyond Managers (Early Adopter)

With this enhancement, we introduced a new Assign Training with Constraints permission, enabling users without managerial or approver roles to assign trainings. The simplified user interface provides an intuitive and streamlined experience with robust search functionality. Up to 1000 users can now be assigned training. The following are the key features of this enhancement:

  • The new Assign Training with Constraints permission can be granted to any Security Role.
  • The User Interface (UI) is now simpler and more intuitive.
  • Users can easily search for others by their first name, last name, division, position, location, or manager's name.
  • The ability to select multiple users simultaneously for a specific training.
  • The Assign Training page now consistently presents key details for all Learning Objects (LOs).
  • The Assign Training page displays more user details with multiple columns, providing comprehensive information at a glance.

The new Assign Training UI is available to anyone with the new Assign Training with Constraints permission when assigning training from Learner Home, Learning Search, and Learning Details.

To assign training from the Training Details page, search for the learning object (LO), and then, click the Assign button. Enter the necessary details on the Assign Training page and click Submit.See Assign Training Page Features.

How Does this Enhancement Benefit My Organization?

With this improvement, assigning training has become easier for non-administrative users through the introduction of a user-friendly interface. This will reduce delays, errors, and the administrative workload.


  • The new UI does not support Assignment for Cohort and Certifications. Users will always be redirected to the old UI for certifications and cohorts, regardless of their permissions.
  • The previously existing UI is still used when training is assigned through the Transcript, MyTeam or Universal Profile Actions. The previously existing Assign Training page and permission still work for anyone who does not have access to the new permission.
  • For users with both permissions, the previously existing Assign Training page and permission continue to function in scenarios that are not supported by the new Assign Training UI and permission, and/or when assigning training outside the constraints of the new permission.
  • The Assign button will not be visible if the user does not have Assign Training with Constraints or Assign Training permission. Also, the training needs to be within user constraints for the Assign button to be visible.
  • Users with only the Assign Training permission will always be redirected to the previously existing UI with manager constraints.
  • If a user possesses both Assign Training and Assign Training with Constraints permission, they will be directed to the new UI for trainings falling within the constraints of the new permission. For other trainings within their availability, they will see the Assign action and be directed to the old UI, where they can assign the training only to users for whom they are the manager, approver, or cost center approver.
  • Note that if any constraints are modified for the Assign Training with Constraints permission, it may take up to 1 hour to propagate the updated constraints.
  • For a learning object (LO) without an associated price, if the Registered Users On Approval checkbox is selected during creation, the Auto Register checkbox on the Additional Details page of the Assign Training Project becomes redundant. This implies that the user will be assigned with a Registered status.
  • Trainings are assigned to users selected as new registrations (Assign New Occurrence). This implies that if learners are currently in progress for a training, their progress will be reset, and they will receive a new registration. For curricula, the progress of all associated child trainings will also be reset. This is true if the recurrence settings are enabled on the LO in the course catalog.
  • If a pricing rule by Organizational Unit (OU) is established, the Automatically register users checkbox is not disabled for the OU that has a price.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


To assign training to users who may not be under the direct supervision of the assignor, the Assign Training with Constraints permission is required.

To enable this functionality, go to the Feature Activation tile in Learning Preferences > Feature Activation Preferences.

After activation, the permission Assign Training with Constraints will be added to your System Administrator security role, providing the capability to assign training to users within specified constraints using the new workflow.

Administrators can deactivate the feature in Feature Activation Preferences if necessary. Deactivation will revert to the legacy User Interface for assigning training.


The following new permission applies to this functionality:

Assign Training with Constraints

This permission grants any Role, User, or Organizational Unit (standard and custom, including groups) the ability to assign training to other users. This permission, along with its constraints, seamlessly integrates with the existing Assign Training permission. Users with either the new permission or both will be redirected to a new interface and will use the constraints associated with the Assign Training with Constraints permission. This permission can be constrained by the following:

  • User's direct subordinates
  • User's subordinates
  • Organizational Units (including Groups) - Standard and Custom
  • Provider
  • Training Type
  • Training Item (specific training)

Multiple constraints on the permission between User/OU and LO are treated as AND constraints, whereas constraints between User/OU are treated as OR constraints.

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