Administrator Topic

User Record Audit History Stamps

The following items are tracked in the Audit History for the User Record:

  • Inserted
  • Activated
  • Deactivated
  • Changed Manager
  • Changed Client ID
  • Modified
  • Changed Approver
  • Allow Reconcile
  • Disallow Reconcile
  • Initial Password
  • Password Reset
  • Made absent
  • Made un-absent

All history stamps display the user's ID following the user's full name (i.e., "<Last Name, First Name><User ID>").

The following field names may appear in a history stamp:

  • Prefix
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Suffix
  • User Name
  • User ID
  • Original Hire date
  • Last Hire Date
  • Display Language
  • All Fields related to Address, Phone and Fax
  • Email Address
  • All Organization Units Standard and Custom
  • Required Training Approvals
  • Custom Fields


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