Training - Restore to Transcript

There are two methods to restore removed training to a user's transcript.

Note: When restoring an online course for which a new version has been created, the new version automatically replaces the previous version if the course is not in an In Progress status on the Removed tab when the course is restored. If the course is in an In Progress status, the version of the course that was current at the time the course was removed from the user's transcript is the version that is restored. In this case, the new version would need to be added to the user's transcript, or the user would need to request the new version.


A manual restoration of a training item results in the Due Date remaining the same as the Due Date that was defined by the original assignment or request of that training.

  1. On the user's transcript, select Removed from the Training Category filter.
  2. Click the Restore to Transcript link to reverse action and move the training item back to the users active transcript


Learning Assignment, Inventory Assignment, User Request Training or License Management.

  1. Learning Assignment - If an LO was removed from a user's transcript via training removal tool, dynamic removal, or manually removal by an administrator, and then that same LO is assigned via a learning assignment and the user meets the assignment criteria, the LO will be restored. Whatever due date previously existed will be replaced by the assignment's defined due date/no due date.
  2. Assign Subordinate - If an LO was removed from a user's transcript, via dynamic removal or manual removal, if that same LO is assigned by the user's manager from the Assign Training page, the LO will be restored with a new due date or no due date as defined by the manager.
  3. User Requests - If an LO was removed from a user's transcript and the user later requests the same training, the LO will be restored and replaced with No Due Date. (The Catalog does not define Due Dates for requested training.)
    • If a user has requested training and that training has no due date, the user can still be assigned that training via proxy, inventory, or manager assignment. If assignment occurs after a request and the training is in any status before Complete that LO will be refreshed with a Due Date as defined by the assignment. Assignment Due Dates override requested training lack of due dates.
  4. Inventory Assignment (Pre-Purchases training) - If a user requested training, and then is given training via Inventory assignment, any Due Date defined by the Inventory Assignment will apply.
  5. License Management - When a removed item is being restored though license management and a due date is entered, all restored items due dates get updated. Note: When a removed item is restored though license management and there is NO due date, all restored items will have their due dates removed or replaced.