Transcript - Training Category Statuses

The Transcript page can be filtered by training category. The following categories are available: Active, Completed, Archived, and Removed.


The Active category displays training items that are in the following statuses and do not qualify for the Completed, Archived, or Removed category:

  • Approved
  • Approved/Past Due
  • Cancelled
  • Canceled/Past Due
  • Completion Approval Denied
  • Completion Approval Denied/Past Due
  • Denied
  • Denied/Past Due
  • Discontinued
  • Discontinued/Past Due
  • Equivalent
  • Exception Requested
  • Exception Requested/Past Due
  • Exception Requested/Waitlisted
  • Exempt
  • Expired
  • Expired/Past Due
  • Failed
  • Failed/Past Due
  • Incomplete
  • Incomplete/Past Due
  • In Progress
  • In Progress/Past Due
  • Not Activated
  • Not Available
  • Not Started
  • Not Started/Past Due
  • No Show
  • No Show/Past Due
  • Old Version
  • Past Due
  • Payment Denied
  • Payment Denied/Past Due
  • Payment Refunded
  • Payment Refunded/Past Due
  • Pending Acknowledgment
  • Pending Acknowledgment/Past Due
  • Pending Approval
  • Pending Approval/Past Due
  • Pending Approval/Waitlisted
  • Pending Approval/Waitlisted/Past Due
  • Pending Completion Approval
  • Pending Completion Signature
  • Pending Completion Signature/Past Due
  • Pending Completion/Past Due
  • Pending Evaluation
  • Pending Evaluation/Past Due
  • Pending Grade
  • Pending Grade/Past Due
  • Pending Payment
  • Pending Payment/Past Due
  • Pending Post-Work
  • Pending Post-Work/Past Due
  • Pending Prerequisite
  • Pending Prerequisite/Past Due
  • Pending Pre-Work
  • Pending Pre-Work/Past Due
  • Pending Prior Training
  • Pending SF-182 Form Approval
  • Registered
  • Registered/Not Available
  • Registered/Not Available/Past Due
  • Registered/Past Due
  • Registration Pending
  • Registration Pending/Past Due
  • SF-182 Form Denied
  • Waitlisted
  • Waitlisted/Past Due
  • Waitlist Expired
  • Waitlist Expired/Past Due
  • Withdrawn
  • Withdrawn/Past Due


The Completed category displays training items that are in a Completed or Completed (Equivalent) status. Once a training item is in a Completed status, the training is automatically moved to the Completed category.

For training items that are configured to allow re-requests, when a user completes the first instance of the training, it moves to the Completed category. When re-requested, the training item moves back to the Active category.

For training items that require pre-work, post-work, or prerequisites, the training item is not moved to the Completed category until all pre-work, post-work, and prerequisites are also in a Completed status.


The Archived category includes training items that have been archived by the end user, their manager, or an administrator. Training can be archived from the Training Details page for the learning object.


The Removed category displays training items that are removed. This category is only available to managers and administrators with permission to remove training from a user's transcript. Also, managers or administrators can never view the Removed category on their own transcript.

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