Application - Forms

Form action items enable organizations to present a questionnaire to the applicant, or a form can be used as an alternative to a resume parser by allowing applicants to complete application fields.

Any instructions that are associated with the form action item display at the top of the window, and the content of the form displays below the instructions. However, any instructions that are built into the form are bypassed within the application.

A user can only have one version of responses to a specific form. So, if a user is asked to complete the same form twice, the form is initially populated with the user's initial set of responses.

Any "userfield" type questions that are included in a form are displayed as read-only.

For recruiting agency submissions, if the application workflow included a form, then the content entered on the form is transferred to the form on the application experience.

As long as the form is complete, the applicant is always able to proceed to the next action item in the application, regardless of responses.