Performance Review - Reopen Previous Step

Reviewers (manager, indirect manager, custom relationship, or specific user) may have the ability to reopen previous steps in a performance review. This ability is enabled by the administrator when configuring the performance review task, and when available, the Reopen Step button appears at the bottom of the Review Step Progression section on the Overview page. This can be useful for reopening steps that should be corrected by a reviewer or for reopening steps that are past due.

The following applies when reopening a previous step:

  • You can only reopen one review step at a time. If a previous step has been reopened by another user, then this option is not available.
  • Reviewees, peers, and subordinates cannot reopen a step.

Reopen a Step

  1. Click the Reopen Step button to open a pop-up which lists all previous steps that are either completed or past due. When reopening a peer or direct report review step, managers can reopen the step only for select specific users. Managers cannot reopen a step assigned to them.
  2. Select the appropriate step. If the step has multiple reviewers, select the appropriate reviewers. In the Reason field, enter the reason or explanation that will be sent to the person associated with the reopened step via the Performance Review Step Reopened email trigger. This field accepts a maximum of 3,000 characters. The "Reason" commentary is only included in the Performance Review Step Reopened email trigger if you use the REOPEN.STEP.COMMENT tag. Click Save to reopen the step.

When a step is reopened, a new task appears to the step role owner in:

    • Scheduled Tasks page
    • My Tasks widget on the Welcome page
    • My Assigned Reviews page

The reopened step is open for submission until the task expiration date, but may vary slightly from the original step:

  • The ability to edit comments, ratings, and weights is unaffected.
  • The ability to view and edit custom fields is unaffected.
  • If any later reviewers entered or edited comments, ratings, weights, or fields, then the reopened step displays the updated information if they are visible to the reviewer.
  • If the owner of the reopened step also owns a later step in the review, both steps can be open and accessed at the same time.
    • The sections from all opened steps appear to the reviewer in the left navigation panel.
    • All information previously entered by the reviewer from the reopened step can be edited.
  • Reopening a step sends out the appropriate Step Assigned emails (if the emails are enabled). Also, the reopened task displays again in the appropriate user's Scheduled Tasks page and the My Tasks widget on the Welcome page.
  • On the Scheduled Tasks page, reopened steps display regardless of whether or not the Display Completed/Expired options are selected.
  • Within the pop-up, all previous steps are displayed with the following exceptions:
    • Reviewers cannot reopen their own step.
    • Reviewers cannot reopen a reviewer selection step if the reviewer selections have been made and submitted.
    • Skipped steps cannot be reopened.

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