Performance Review - Review Sections

On the left side of the performance review, the navigation menu displays all sections along with their completion status. Reviewers can click a section tab to access the section.

The icon to the left of the section title indicates the section status:

  • Selected Section - The section that is currently selected appears with a colored check mark within a white circle and a colored bar to the right of the section title.
  • Completed Section - If a section is completed, it appears with a white check mark within a colored circle . A section is considered complete when all required fields are completed. If the section has no required fields, then the user must view the section for it to be considered complete. The Summary section is considered complete once all sections that are included in the Summary have been completed.
  • Not Started/In Progress Section - If a section is not started or in progress, it appears gray with a gray check mark within a white circle .
  • Future Step Section - If a section is currently not available because it will be completed in a future step of the performance review, then this section appears as an empty circle . These sections cannot be viewed until the reviewer is able to access the sections in a later step.
  • Overview Section - The Overview section is denoted by a white house within a colored circle .
  • Discuss Review - If review discussion is enabled for the performance review, then the Discuss Review page is always available below the review sections in the navigation menu. This page is denoted by a gray speech bubble within a white circle . When this section is selected, the speech bubble is colored .

When viewing a read-only version of a previously completed task, the navigation menu displays section statuses as they were at the time of the review submission or expiration.