Offline Review Upload Validation

When a user uploads an offline performance review, they are taken to the Upload Validation page, which displays the upload status and validation details for the uploaded offline performance review.

In the Details section, each of the performance review sections are displayed in the order in which they appear in the performance review step.

In the Validation Status column, the validation status of the review section is displayed.

  • If a section does not require user input, N/A is displayed as the validation status.
  • If a section is completed correctly with valid data, a green check icon is displayed .
  • If a section is not completed correctly or if there is invalid data, a red X icon is displayed . In addition, each error that exists is displayed below the section title. The cell name that caused the issue is also displayed. The potential errors are:
    • Rating out of range - A numeric rating is below 1 or above the maximum value.
    • Invalid numerical rating - A rating is not a multiple of 1, .1, or .5, depending on the rating scale configuration.
    • Invalid text rating - A text or text/numeric rating is not one of the configured options.
    • Required field missing - A rating or required comment is missing.
    • Comments character limit exceeded - A comment exceeds the character limit of 10,000.

If a section contains errors, you cannot save that section. You must correct the errors using the cell numbers and error descriptions and then re-upload the file by pressing the Re-upload button.

If the file is tampered with, an error message is displayed and the file cannot be saved.

Only sections with green check icons can be saved. Click the Save button to save the validated sections. All sections with no errors are imported into the system. All uploaded data overwrites any data previously submitted.