Offline Review Task - Question List Step

On the Question List step, you read the questions and provide ratings and comments for each question. All cells that do not require user input are locked.

When completing a performance review offline, the Question List step is displayed in Excel similarly to the way it appears online.

The following information is displayed on the Question List step:

  • At the top of the page, the Instructions for the step are displayed.
  • Below the Instructions, the Rating Scale and Descriptions are displayed if they are configured to be displayed in the review task. All HTML code is removed from the rating scale descriptions.
  • Below the Rating Scale, each of the questions is displayed.

For each question, read the question and in the Your Ratings column, provide a rating for the question. Then, in the Your Comments column, provide comments explaining your rating, however, comments may not be available for some questions. The character limit for comment fields is 10,000.

To the right of your ratings and comments, each previous reviewer's ratings and comments are displayed only if a previous rating is available and if the task is configured to display previous ratings.

  • Users can only view their manager's review data if configured to do so. In some instances, manager data is displayed after a certain date.
  • Managers and indirect managers can view all users' review data.
  • Peers cannot view any other user's review data.

If custom fields are included in the section, they are also available in the offline review. If the custom fields are editable then they appear in orange, while read-only fields appear in gray. If another user has already completed the custom field, then their entry is displayed, but can be edited.

Note: If the same review section is assigned to the same user in multiple steps, they can view their previous input and this information is editable.

To navigate to the next step of the review, click the next tab of the Excel spreadsheet, which is located in the lower-left corner of the page.

Multiple Reviewers/Co-Planners

If a review step has co-planners, each reviewer is able to enter their own comments and modify the review ratings. Comments are attributed to the user who submitted them, so each comment appears distinct and separate. In addition, any comments that have been saved, but not submitted are viewable by the assignee and the co-planners.

  • If a co-planner is the first user to access a review section, the co-planner is able to select a rating and enter comments, if the rating option and comment box are enabled for the co-planner.
  • If a co-planner accesses a review section that has been saved but not submitted by the assignee or another co-planner, then the system displays the following:
    • Ratings values are pre-selected with the rating that was selected by the assignee or another co-planner. Note: The rating option only appears if the task is configured for the section to accept comments from the corresponding assignee.
    • An empty comment box appears for the co-planner to enter comments. Note: The comment box only appears if the task is configured for the section to accept comments from the corresponding assignee.
    • A response section containing the rating applied by the assignee or another co-planner. This section displays the assignee or co-planner name, rating, and comments. "(Co-Planner)" appears next to all co-planner names. Note: The rating and comment only appear if the task is configured for the section to accept ratings and comments from the corresponding assignee.

Any comments are attributed to the reviewer who entered them. Ratings are attributed to the user who was the last to apply or modify the rating. For example, if Co-planner A applies a rating to a question, and then Co-planner B modifies the rating for the question, then the rating is attributed to Co-planner B. However, if Co-planner B does not modify the rating, then the rating is attributed to Co-planner A.

When viewing reviewer comments, the comments from the review step assignee are displayed first, followed by comments from the step co-planners in alphabetical order based on last name. The most recent comments are displayed first.