Transcript - On the Job Training

Material learning objects can be configured as On the Job Training (OJT) items by administrators, which provides end users with additional options for managing On the Job Training from the learning transcript. A Pending Observer Completion transcript status is available for OJT material LOs, and a new Notify Observer option is available to users for managing their OJT items.

Notify Observer

After becoming registered for an OJT material LO, the OJT displays to the user in a Pending Observer Completion status. A new Notify Observer option also displays for the OJT. When the user feels confident in their knowledge and experience with the skills taught by the OJT, the user can click the Notify Observer option to notify a qualified instructor that they are ready to be observed and evaluated on the OJT skills. This triggers the Observer Notification email trigger, if enabled, but this step is optional. Regardless of whether the user chooses to notify the observers, as soon as the OJT is in a status of Pending Observer Approval, ALL observers associated with the OJT are able to observe the user for any part of the OJT.

Note: The In Progress status usually available for material LOs is NOT available for OJT material LOs.

The Pending Observer Completion status and the Notify Observer option are available for OJT accessed from the following system areas:

  • Learning Transcript (New)
  • Learning Transcript (Old)
  • Curricula
  • Curricula Details
  • Cohorts
  • Welcome Page Widgets
  • Custom Page Widgets
  • Universal Profile - Action Items

Select Observer

Clicking the Notify Observer option opens the Select Observer pop-up window. Using this window, users can search for and select the name of the specific qualified observer by whom they wish to be evaluated. After selecting the name of an observer, a confirmation message appears to confirm their selection. Note: The observer most recently selected by the user is saved as the observer so the user can quickly notify the same observer in the future, if needed.

On The Job Training Completion

If the observer marks the user as completed for the OJT, the OJT item moves to a status of Completed on the user’s transcript. If the observer marks the user as failed for the OJT, the OJT item remains in a status of Pending Observer Completion. The user can select the Notify Observer option again when they are ready to make another completion attempt. Note: The Mark Complete option normally available to users for material LOs is NOT available for OJT material LOs.