External Training - Add to Certification from Transcript

From the Certification Details page, users can submit external training from their transcript to fulfill a certification requirement.

The ability for users to submit external training is determined by the administrator in the certification setup. The User is allowed to submit external training option must be selected when the certification is created. If this option is not selected, users do not have the option to submit external training.

If a validity period is set for external training within the certification, then when adding external training to a certification from your transcript, you will only receive credit for external training that is completed within the external training validity period. The validity period can be set by the administrator who created the certification.

  • The external training dates can be edited even after the training is added to the certification. If an update to the training date causes the training to be outside the validity period, the user does not receive credit for the training. Once the external training reaches a Completed status, the training dates applied at that time are set for the certification. Any changes to the external training afterward do not affect the certification.

To add external training to a certification from your transcript, go to Learning > View Your Transcript. Select the View Training Details option for the certification.

  • In the upper section, click the Add External Training from Transcript link. This opens the Submit External Training from Transcript pop-up. Note: This link only appears if the Allow users to add external training option is selected when creating the certification.

The Submit External Training From Transcript pop-up only displays external training that can be added to the selected section within the certification. This applies to both training that is already a part of the section to which the user is adding external training and to training that is outside the validity period. However, the external training items that are outside the validity period appear in gray and cannot be added to the certification.

  1. The Select a Section drop-down list includes all parent and child sections within the current period of the certification. Select the section to which you are adding the external training. This is required.
  2. The list of training items displays all of the external training that is submitted through the transcript. The Status is pulled from the transcript status and the Credits values are pulled from the number of credits that were entered when the external training was added. Click the Select option to the left of the appropriate training items to add them to the certification. If you have submitted the external training in the selected area previously, the training cannot be selected.
  3. In the Credits field to the right of the external training item, enter the number of credits that were earned for the item.
  4. Click OK to submit the training for approval. If multiple training items are selected, each item is submitted as a separate request to the certification owner, even though they are submitted at the same time.

An external training item can be submitted to multiple periods in different sections.

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