Certification Item - Launch

Users can launch certifications from their transcript.

To launch a certification, go to Learn > View My Transcript. Select the View Training Details option for the certification. In the Certification section, click the appropriate link to activate or launch the certification.

Note: Access to Certification Details from the transcript is controlled at the portal level, and is based on the Certification - User View security object. If the value is active, certifications are visible for all users of the portal. There is currently no permission that controls an individual user's ability to view their certifications via the transcript.

Observation Checklists within Certification

  • To view an observation checklist that is part of a certification, users may be required to first request and register for the observation checklist.
  • If an observation checklist is inside a curriculum that is part of the certification, then users must click the Manage link in the Options column for the curriculum. This opens either the Curriculum Details page or the Curriculum Player, depending on how the administrator configured the curriculum.
  • Observation checklists that are part of a certification only recur if there are certification periods with recurrence configured. Further, the final completion date of the checklist is used to calculate the rules of the validity period.