Global Search Logic

The following search logic behaviors apply to Global Search when traditional search is enabled:

  • Contains "starts with" logic, meaning the search text "work" will yield results for "workplace" and "working," but "homework" and "framework" will not be returned in search results.
  • Contains inflectional logic, meaning the search text "foot" will be relevant to a training item called "Feet."
  • Contains "locale-based" logic, meaning the search string "sugar-free" in English will be evaluated as any of the following combinations: "sugarfree," "sugar," and "free," or "sugar-free." However, in another language, such as Chinese, in which hyphens have no literal significance, the search string "sugar-free" will only be evaluated as "sugar-free" as a fixed string.
  • Contains field relevance logic, meaning different fields have different relevancy, which leads to differences in result ranking. For example, the word "work" will have higher ranking when it appears in training title than training type. The order of relevancy is:
    1. Training title
    2. Training type
    3. Material type
    4. Competency
    5. Subject
    6. Keywords (Search results are returned for up to 38 characters per keyword)
    7. Locator
    8. Skill
    9. Provider name
    10. Description
    11. Location
    12. Instructor name
    13. Curriculum owner

Note: In addition, the number of occurrences of the keyword will further influence the search ranking. For example, a training titled "Work work work" will have higher ranking than "Work Ethic," when a user searches for "work." The results ranking is a combination of all searching and ranking logic.

Global Search Predictive Results

  • Global Search predictive search does not respect the Available for searching by learning object type preference setting. Predictive search is governed by availability.
    • For example, even if the Material training type is disabled as a searchable type in Global Search, predictive results may contain materials, due to availability settings.
  • Predictive search results are displayed as a user is typing a search in both Learning Search and Traditional Search pages, and results are displayed before the search is executed. Predictive search only uses the title and description fields to show possible results.