Learning Details (Legacy) - Ratings & Reviews - Average Review

The Average Review section of the Ratings and Reviews tab displays the average user rating and the total number of reviews for the learning item. Note: Users are only able to view ratings and reviews that are available to them. This may affect the average review, total number of reviews, and review breakdown. Review and rating visibility is determined by the administrator in Course Ratings Preferences.

To access the Ratings & Reviews details for a learning item, click the Ratings & Reviews tab on the Learning Details page.

The Ratings & Reviews tab is available on the Learning Details page if the following are true:

  • Course ratings are enabled
  • The user is able to view and apply course ratings for the selected learning item

On the left, the overall average rating for the learning item is displayed. The total number of reviews that are available for the learning item is displayed below the overall learning item rating.

On the right, the bar graph shows the distribution of the ratings for the learning item.