Learning Details (Legacy) - Details - Program - Cohorts

When viewing the Learning Details page for a program, the Cohorts section enables users to view the program's active cohorts.

Cohort Details

For each of the program's active cohorts, the following information is displayed:

  • Cohort Name - The user can click the cohort name to view the Learning Details page for the cohort.
  • Type
  • Cohort Provider
  • Cohort Duration
  • Cohort Start Date and Time
  • Cohort End Date and Time
  • Cohort Languages
  • Available - This displays the number of available seats for the cohort.


The following actions may be available in the split button drop-down menu in the Actions column:

  • Request
  • Assign - This action is only available to managers with direct reports.
  • Registration Closed - This is displayed when the registration deadline has passed. This cohort cannot be requested or assigned.
  • Requested - This is displayed when the cohort has already been requested.

Click the left side of the drop-down to perform the displayed action. Or, click the drop-down arrow to select a secondary action. By default, the Action drop-down displays the primary action for the session.

When no actions are available to the user for the cohort, "None" displays in the Cohorts table.