My Account - Preferences - Payment Methods - Billing Information

The Billing Information section enables users to manage their credit card information for training purchases. This section is only available if enabled by the administrator.

Entering billing information allows users to store credit card information to allow faster checkout and enable users to utilize recurring billing and subscription renewals for learning objects. Note: If you intend to utilize the curriculum subscription functionality with auto-renewal, you must establish a billing profile.

The credit card information is hosted by CyberSource to ensure the information is stored securely. Also, the CVV code is not stored in the billing profile, so it must be entered each time to ensure you are the credit card owner.

Only one credit card can be stored for each user.

Edit Billing Information

By default, the information displays as read-only. The fields can be edited by clicking the down arrow in the upper-right corner of the section to open the options drop-down. Click the Edit option in the drop-down. This enables all fields in the section to be editable.

Delete Billing Information

To delete all values in the section, click the Delete option in the options drop-down. This opens a confirmation pop-up. Click Delete to delete all information in the section. Or, click Cancel to cancel the delete action.

When billing information is deleted, all information is removed and cannot be recovered. You will then have to enter new profile information in order to utilize the billing profile features, such as recurring billing and subscription renewals for learning objects. You can delete the value in an individual field by using the Edit option.