Check-Ins - Notes

The meetings and topics page provides areas to enter shared and individual notes for all of the participants in the meeting. This ensures that everyone's voice is heard.

Additionally, a View History link lets users view the changes made to any note.

You can perform the following tasks for notes:

To view the meetings and topics page, go to Performance > Check-Ins and then click the appropriate check-in on your home page.

Note: All additions and changes made to this page are saved automatically.

Add a Shared Note

Shared notes can be added and modified by any user in this discussion.

To add a shared note, click on the Collaborate here line for the appropriate topic and enter your note. Shared notes can be modified or deleted by users with appropriate permissions.

Add an Individual Note

To add an individual note, scroll down to your personal identifier for the appropriate topic and add your note.

Individual notes can only be modified by the original writer.


  • The date field shows when the last edit was made.
  • The Edited field lets users know that the note has been edited.

View History

To view all changes for individual or shared notes, click the View History link. A Edit History page opens. Note: The Edit History link is only available if the note has been edited. Click the Download icon to download the view history to a .pdf file.

Download Notes

Click the Download icon to download the all notes and topics to a .pdf file.