Check-Ins - Manage Notes

Use the meetings and topics page to enter collaborative or individual notes for a meeting topic. Participants can also see when a note has been edited, what changes were made to a note, and who made the changes.

You can perform the following tasks for notes:

To view the meetings and topics page, go to Performance > Check-Ins and then click the appropriate check-in on your home page.

Note: All additions and changes made to this page are saved automatically.

Add a Collaborative Note

To add a collaborative note, click on the Collaborate here line and enter your note.

Collaborative notes can be modified or deleted by any participant in the meeting with appropriate permissions.

Add an Individual Note

To add an individual note, scroll down to your personal identifier for the appropriate topic and add your note. Individual notes can only be modified by the original writer.

Delete an Individual Note

You can delete any individual note that you created. Highlight the text and click the Delete button on your keyboard.


The following fields appear under a note when it isedited:

  • The date field shows when the last edit was made.
  • Edited indicates the note has been edited.

View History

This field only appears under a note if it is edited.

To view all changes for individual or shared notes, click the View History link. An Edit History page opens.

Download Topics and Notes

You can download all notes and topics for a selected meeting to a .pdf file. To download, click the ellipses, and then select Download Meeting. This option is only available in Meeting View.