SMP Assessor Task - Create - Step 2 - Availability

In the Availability step, you set the availability of the task. For Assessor tasks, you must set the assessors that will complete the assessment task, and also determine which groups appear for the assessors within the task. The total number of users that are assigned to the assessor cannot exceed 250.

To create a Succession Management Planning (SMP) task, go to Admin > Tools > Succession Management > Tasks. Then, click the Add SMP Task link.

Add Assessor

To add an assessor, click the plus icon to the right of the Assessors heading. Multiple assessors can be added.

Select Group

For each assessor, you must select a group or multiple groups for the assessor to assess. The groups or talent pools must be created before they can be added to an assessor. Click the Select Groups pop-up icon to select a group. Each assessor is responsible for completing an SMP task for the assigned groups. A group cannot be assigned to multiple assessors.

If the group assigned to an assessor contains the assessor's manager or someone higher in the assessor's hierarchy, these people are not included in the task to be evaluated by the assessor. Only subordinates or people within another branch of the hierarchy are included in the task.

Include Subordinates

After assigning a group, you may also choose to include the group's subordinates in the assignment. Note: When you include subordinates, you include all subordinates, not just the direct subordinates.


Click Next to proceed to the Co-Planners step. The system validates the total number of assessees included in the task. If the number of users does not exceed 250, then the administrator proceeds to the Co-Planners step. However, if the number of assessees does exceed 250, then the system prevents the administrator from proceeding to the next step until the number of assessees is modified so that it does not exceed 250. See SMP Assessor Task - Create - Step 3 - Co-Planners.