Development Plan Status Report (Legacy)

The Development Plan Status Report summarizes the status of all development plans for specific users during a specific time period.

Note: Development Plans Standard Reports are not supported if your organization is using the redesigned development plan functionality.


Filter Description
Date Criteria Filter your results by date. If any part of a development plan falls within that time frame, the plan displays. The default date criteria are specified by OU on the Development Plans Preferences page. Note: Date Criteria is always implemented using UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).
User Criteria Limit results to the users matching the specified user criteria. You may choose one or more individual users as well as entire OUs or Groups. If permission for this report is constrained, those constraints apply to user criteria selection when running the report.
Display OU Select an Organizational Unit to display that information on the report. For example, if you select the Position OU, each user's position will display in the report. Choosing a Display OU is optional.
Group By
  • None - Display the status for each development plan for each user.
  • User - Group the report results by user, displaying the user's cumulative progress for all dev plans along with the number of dev plans the user has.
User Status Select this option to include inactive users in the report output.

Output Grouped by User

When the output is grouped by user, the report displays each selected user along with their cumulative progress for all development plans along with the number of plans the user has.

Output Ungrouped

When the output is ungrouped, the report displays each selected user along with the status for each of their development plans.