Instructor Calendar Report

This report displays ILT Events for instructors by week. This is a comprehensive view of the instructor calendar, giving the administrator a better view of the instructor availability for events.

The data for this report is updated in real-time. However, if you are not seeing updated data for sessions, you may need to check the Include tentative sessions option to view data for sessions that have not yet been approved.


  • Vendor Name (required field) - filter report by one or more instructor vendors. At least one vendor must be selected.
  • ILT Event - filter by a specific ILT event
  • Instructor Name - filter by a specific instructor name
  • Calendar Date ( required field) - filter to run for specific dates or a relative date range
  • Session Status - select to include completed sessions or tentative sessions
  • Include in Output - select to include Session Time, Session Number or Session Location


  • The report will generate on the page as an inline report. Each instructor in the criteria will display on the left and a column will appear for each date in the date range. The report can output to HTML or excel.

For each instructor, the report will show the session time, title, number (if selected), and location (if selected) per Calendar Date. The Session Title is a hyperlink and allows the user to view the Session Details.

If the user has ILT Admin rights to create/edit Events and Sessions, an Edit button will appear at the bottom of the page. If they click on the 'Edit Button' they will be taken to the appropriate session in 'Edit' mode. Otherwise, the user will see the standard session details page.