Bulk Compensation Statements Report

The Bulk Compensation Statements report allows administrators to generate compensation statements for multiple employees in a single report.

To access the Bulk Compensation Statements report, go to Reports > Standard Reports. Under the Compensation tab, click the Bulk Compensation Statements Report link.


Filter Name Description
User Criteria Select the users for whom you would like to view compensation statements by selecting the appropriate OU or individual user from the drop-down. The users available to select are defined by the administrator's permission constraints. Search results also include inactive users.
User Status Check the Include Inactive Users box to include inactive users in the report. Note: Only inactive users that were part of the compensation task and that meet the criteria defined in the User Criteria section are included.
Compensation Task Select the compensation task from which to pull the selected users.
Report Title Enter a title for the report. The character limit is 50. If a title is not entered, the report title defaults to Bulk Compensation Statements.

Asynchronous reports allow the administrator to define the standard report and generate the report asynchronously. As a result, when administrators process the report, the system generates the report in the background, while the administrator can move on to other areas of the system. When the report is finished processing, the administrator can then view the full report in its entirety.

  • Up to three separate reports can generate asynchronously, allowing greater flexibility creating and storing different versions of the report.
  • If you process a report or refresh a stored report, the report appears in the table as Queued.
  • Since the user can generate up to three reports, the administrator can define a report title for each of the generated reports.

Processed Reports Table

The Processed Reports table displays the following for the report:

  • Report Name
  • Create Date
  • Last Run
  • Output - Click the zip file icon to open the file. Each compensation statement appears in the zip folder as a separate .pdf file. Note: When the report is queuing, which is indicated by "Queued" in the Options column, the Output column is blank.
  • Options - The following options are available in the Options column:
    • Refresh - Click to refresh the file data.
    • View Details - Click to view the report configuration details.
    • Remove - Click to delete the report.