Folders in Reporting 2.0

Folders in Reporting 2.0 lets you organize and manage the distribution of your reports, and you can share the folders with others. Also, you can group reports together based on your own criteria or themes, enabling you to easily find the reports you need.

Folders are created and managed in the My Reports section of the Reporting 2.0 homepage. This section is for your own folder hierarchy. You can customize the organization of your reports as you wish, and you can move reports into your folders to create the organization that best fits your needs.

To access Reporting 2.0, go to Reports > Reporting 2.0.

Create Folders

To create a folder:

  1. Click the My Reports three-dot options menu icon, and select New Folder. A text box appears below My Reports.
  2. Enter a title for your folder.
  3. Press Enter/Return on your keyboard, or click anywhere on the page outside the text box to save the folder.

You can view the reports in a folder by clicking the folder name. To return to your full list of reports, click My Reports.

Create Subfolders

You can add subfolders to existing folders by clicking New Folder from the 3-dot options drop-down to the right of the folder name. This opens the text box that lets you enter a name for the subfolder. Save the folder by pressing Enter/Return on your keyboard or by clicking anywhere on the page outside the text box.

Add Report to Folder

You can add reports to folders by using the option on the homepage or from within the Report Builder.

Rename a Folder

To change the name of a folder:

  1. Hover over the three-dot options menu icon for the folder.
  2. Click Rename from the drop-down.
  3. Enter a different title for your folder in the text box.
  4. Press Enter/Return on your keyboard, or click anywhere on the page outside the text box to save the change.

Share Folders

Sharing folders lets you share a folder with other users. Any reports and sub-folders within the folder are also shared.

When users share folders, the sharing recipient can view all reports within that folder, given they have the appropriate permissions to access Reporting 2.0 turned on within the system. The folder being shared appears under the "Shared with Me" hierarchy for the sharing recipient, and that user is able to view to all reports if they have the appropriate permissions. Because folder sharing is dynamic, reports can continue to be added or removed from the folder and will be available to the shared user automatically.

To share a folder:

  1. Click Share from the three-dot options menu icon to the right of My Reports. The Select Org Units flyout opens.
  2. Search for and select the users with whom you would like to share the report.
  3. Click Save.

Once you have shared a folder with someone, you can view the shared users by clicking the Selected tab on the Select Org Units flyout. From here, you can remove shared users by clicking the X to the right of their name.

Note: Users who select Reporting 2.0 to access the Reporting 2.0 homepage, and have view only permissions, are directed to the Shared with me folder on the Reporting 2.0 Homepage. If no reports are available, users will see the following message: No reports have been shared with you yet. You may have reports available in other report folders, shown on the left side of this page.

Editing Reports in Shared Folders

When you edit a report that has been shared, your shared users will automatically get the updates. You will not need to re-share the report or the folder for the report.

Move Folders

You can move a folder into another folder by clicking Move from the three-dot options menu icon for the folder. This opens a Move Folder pop-up. Select the folder to which you would like to move the folder, and then click Move.

Delete Folders

To delete a folder or subfolder, click Delete from the three-dot options menu icon for the folder.