QUICK START GUIDE - Form Section - Competency Assessment

  • Checklists are aids that help you review configuration settings and follow best practices prior to testing. Be sure to test the functionality fully in your Pilot portal before releasing to end users.
  • The Form Section Quick Start Guide covers the creation of the available form sections to be used in a Performance review task.
  • The Competency Assessment section can only be used if also using the Competency functionality and have previously created Performance Review Based Competency Assessment Tasks.


ASSIGN PERMISSION Performance Review Form Sections - Manage
GO TO Admin > Tools > Performance Management > Form Sections > Create Review Section



  1. Define Review Section
  1. Name
  • Name your form Section something that will be easily identifiable when bringing into a Performance Review Task.
  • Select Competency Assessment for the Section Type.
  1. Details
  • Directions: Enter directions that will appear to end users at the top of the performance review section within the Performance Task. HTML can be used to highlight important instructions.
  • Leverage tags to pull in relevant information.
  • Categories should be used to organize multiple sections for easy identification for future use.
  1. Competency Assessment
  • Click the pop-up icon to select a Performance Review-based Competency Assessment from the list of active performance review-based competency assessments tasks.
  1. Rating Scale
  • Display Rating Scale: This option displays the rating scale to users.
  • Hide Rating Scale: This option to hides the rating scale from users.
  • Display Scores to End Users: This option displays the numeric scores along with the text rating.
  • Competency Assessment performance reviews use the rating scale in the Competency Task.



GO TO Admin > Tools > Performance Management > Tasks
View in Test Task Create a TEST task and place the Competency Assessment Section into your workflow to see what it looks like to end user and ensure the settings created within the Review Based Competency Assessment are performing as created.