Troubleshooting Guide - Creating and Editing Goals

This guide details preferences and security areas in Cornerstone that prevent users from editing or creating goals. Check these areas whenever a user or manager reports that they cannot edit or create goals.

The information within this guide may also be useful in configuring security settings around goals to allow for them to be managed exclusively by administrators and/or managers.

Main Goals Page

Navigate to the user's Goal Page under Performance > Goals and check to see if the goal is marked by an asterisk. If so, the goal is a shared goal and can only edited by the Goal Manager/Owner.

Goal Preferences

  1. Go to Admin > Tools > Performance Management > Goal Preferences.
  2. Select the user’s division and confirm the Allow goals to be edited after creation option is checked for the user’s division.

Goal Configuration

  1. Go to Admin > Tools > Performance Management > Goals Configuration.
  2. Select User’s Division and confirm the Read Only checkbox is checked for the sub-sections of the goal.

User's Goal Page: Goal Locked

As the user's manager, navigate to Team Goals. Find the subordinate who cannot edit a goal and look to see if the goal is locked. If the goal is locked, then the user can no longer update the goal.

Security Permissions

  1. Navigate to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Security.
  2. Search for the Default Role for Every User or any other security role that should have permission to create and edit goals.
  3. Edit the security role and navigate to the Permissions step.
  4. Check to see if the Goals - Create permission is included within the user's security role. Without this option, the user will not be able to create their own goals.
  5. If the permission is not included in the role, click the Add Permissions option to search for and add the permission:

Next Steps

If checking none of the above areas resolve your issue, open a case with Global Customer Support and list the following information within the case description:

  1. The user ID of the user who cannot see or edit goals
  2. The title of a sample goal that cannot be edited
  3. The user ID of the user who had assigned the goal to the employee