Search Preferences - Certifications

Defining Search Preferences is a multiple step process. The Search Preferences - Certifications page enables administrators to do the following with respect to the Certifications search type:

  • Define available search filters

The availability of this page is controlled by a backend setting.

To access the Search Preferences - Certifications page, go to Admin > Tools > Core Functions > Core Preferences > Search. Then, select the Certifications tab on the left navigation bar. Note: This tab is not selectable unless it is enabled as a search type on the General tab.

Refine Search Options

This section enables administrators to determine which search refinement options are available to users when the corresponding tab is selected on the Global Search page.

Advance Filter

Select whether the Additional Search Options section is available to users.

  • Show "Refine Search Options" link so users can search using additional search options. - Select this option to allow users to access the Refine Search Options on the Global Search page. These options enable users to further refine their search results. When this option is selected, the administrator can set the search filters in the Filters section. At least one filter must be selected.
  • Disable "Refine Search Options" - Select this option to disable Refine Search Options. When this option is selected, the settings in the Filters table are not implemented.


The Filters table displays all of the standard filters that are available. Select the Active checkbox to include the filter in the Refine Search Options section. Note: Deactivating a search filter removes it from the Refine Search Options section, disabling a user's ability to use the corresponding search filter. However, Global Search will continue to search the corresponding field. For example, if the Title filter is deactivated, users cannot filter the search results by title, but a training item is included in the search results if the title matches the search criteria. The order in which the filters appear in the table is the order in which the filters are displayed to users on the Global Search page.

The following standard filters are available:

Filter Type Description
Title Text Box User enters a title up to 100 characters.
Description Text Box User enters a description up to 100 characters.
Family Drop-down User selects a family from the drop-down list.
Category Drop-down User selects a category from the drop-down list.

Overwrite Settings

Select this option to overwrite custom settings for child division OUs. If you overwrite custom settings for child division OUs, the selected settings are applied to both new and existing child OUs. Any previously customized child OUs are updated with the selected settings.

  • If this option is unselected, then only the child OUs that do not have customized settings are updated, as well as any OUs that are added in the future.
  • A child OU that has not been customized always inherits from the parent, regardless of whether this option is selected.
  • An OU is considered customized if its preferences or settings have been changed.

Note: This option applies to all tabs within Search Preferences (e.g., General, People, Training), not just the current tab.

Save Options

To continue modifying Search Preferences, click the appropriate tab in the left navigation bar.

To save changes for all pages within Search Preferences, click Save.

To discard all unsaved changes made on all pages within Search Preferences, click Cancel.