Learning Details Preferences

The Learning Details Preferences page allows administrators to configure preferences for the redesigned Learning Details page. The Learning Details redesign is in an Early Adopter status, so currently only certain training types are currently supported by the Learning Details page.

To configure Learning Details Preferences, go to: Admin > Tools > Learning > Learning Preferences and click the Learning Details Preferences link. These preferences are set by division, so choose a division for which to configure preferences.

Page Enablement

The Page Enablement tab allows administrators to determine which supported training types will direct users to the Learning Details page. Click the View Learning Details Enablement Preferences link on the Page Enablement tab.

Training Types

In the Training Types section of the Learning Details Enablement Preferences page, the administrator can determine which available training types should direct users to the redesigned Learning Details page.

To enable or disable the Learning Details page for a training type, toggle the switch next to the training type to the On (green) or Off (gray) position. When a user attempts to view the details of a training type for which the Learning Details page has been enabled, the user will be directed to the redesigned Learning Details page.

Overwrite Settings

Choose whether to overwrite custom settings for child division OUs. If you choose to overwrite custom settings for child division OUs, the selected settings are applied to both new and existing child OUs. Any previously customized child OUs are updated with the selected settings.

If this option is unselected, then only the child OUs that do not have customized settings will be updated, as well as any OUs that are added in the future.

A child OU that has not been customized always inherits from the parent, regardless of whether this option is selected.

An OU is considered customized if its preferences or settings have been changed.


To save any changes you have made to the Learning Details Preferences page, click the Save button in the bottom-right corner of the page. To leave the page without saving any changes, you can click the Cancel link in the bottom-left corner of the page.