Custom Certificates Overview

Certificates are presented within the system to users who have completed a certain set of training. Organizations can create, edit, and manage multiple certificates themselves using an advanced HTML editor within the system. Custom tags can be used in the certificates. Organizations can then associate any certificate with any learning object (LO) at the OU level. Default certificates can be set for each LO type if an LO does not have a specific certificate assigned.

Once the user completes the training, the certificate is available on the Training Details page for the LO. Users can view and print the certificate from this page. Managers and administrators can also view and print the certificate when accessing the user's transcript.

All certificates that were created prior to the Custom Certificates functionality are converted to the new format and can be modified within the system. If a previously created certificate is set up for localization, then this certificate should not be modified once it is converted to the new format. If the localized certificate is modified, then the localization feature is removed from the certificate. Users are prompted if they attempt to modify one of these certificates.

A backend setting is available that suppresses child certificates. If this setting is enabled and the same certificate is associated with the parent LO and the child LO (e.g., a curriculum and an online class), then the certificate is only issued to the user once. However, if a different certificate is associated with the parent LO and the child LO, then the user receives both certificates.

To manage custom certificates, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Learning Preferences > Custom Certificates.


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