Content Request Preferences by Position

Content Requesting Preferences determines whether course price is visible to the end user. Content Requesting Preferences are set by position.

To access Content Request Preferences, go to Admin > Tools > Learning > Learning Preferences > Content Requesting Preferences.

The following options are available:

  1. Bypass Availability When Assign Training
    • Yes - When this option is selected, a manager or approver can assign training that is not available to their subordinates.
    • No - When this option is selected, a manager or approver can only assign training that is available to subordinates
  2. Requesting Text - Check this option to display a message that will appear after a user clicks Request for an online course. This message will appear before the Training Request Form (if training request form is enabled).
    • Pop-Up Message - Enter message to appear. This is HTML friendly and accommodates 2000 characters.

Click Submit.

Overwrite Settings

Choose whether to overwrite custom settings for child division OUs. If you choose to overwrite custom settings for child division OUs, the selected settings are applied to both new and existing child OUs. Any previously customized child OUs are updated with the selected settings.

If this option is unselected, then only the child OUs that do not have customized settings will be updated, as well as any OUs that are added in the future.

A child OU that has not been customized always inherits from the parent, regardless of whether this option is selected.

An OU is considered customized if its preferences or settings have been changed.