Pending Payment Status Overview

The Pending Payment functionality enables a payment status of Pending Payment for a transaction if the Send Bill (Purchase Order) option is selected during checkout. If a learning object is in Payment Pending status, the user cannot access this item until the payment is reconciled.

The administrator can set an entire division in the Pending Payment status or they can specify users.

This option is only available with the Send Bill functionality. If this functionality is not being used, the Pending Payment status is not available.


If a user is subject to the Pending Payment status and they checkout using the Send Bill functionality:

  • They are placed in Pending Payment status and they cannot access the course material until the payment is received. The user cannot purchase training units and cannot use the Send Bill option for any purchase.
  • When the payment is received, the administrator must adjust the payment status from Pending Payment to Complete. Once this occurs the user can access the material.
  • If an ILT session is purchased, a seat is reserved until the administrator chooses to cancel the order.
  • If No Show Fees are enabled, the user is subject to these fees if a payment is not received and reconciled prior to the session or if the user does not attend the session. Note: No show fees are implemented once the roster is submitted.


The following table lists all payment statuses related to the Pending Payment status:

Situation Training Status Options
During Pending Payment Pending Payment None
Admin Marks Payment Complete (for all LOs except ILT) Registered Manage/Launch
Admin Marks Payment Complete (ILT Session) Registered - If after the session start date, the user remains in Registered status until the administrator uploads the roster. If a No Show Fee is applied to the user, the user is marked as a No Show.

If session has not yet started: View

If session has started: None

Admin Marks Payment Denied Payment Denied - If payment is denied, a withdraw penalty may be applied. Re-Purchase


The following email triggers are available via Email Management in the Billing category:

Email Description
Pending Payment Notification This email is triggered when a user checks out using the Send Bill functionality and is subject to the Pending Payment status. This alerts them that they are in Pending Payment status. This email can be sent to a specific user, position, or the Purchaser.
Order Status Adjusted This email is triggered when a user's order status is changed. This email can be sent to a specific user, position, Purchaser, or Order Status Adjuster.