Assign Subplans - Bulk Assign

Plan owners can assign subplans to multiple users at different levels throughout the organization by using the Bulk Assign option on the Assign Subplans page. Bulk assignment helps ensure that subplans are assigned in a timely and efficient way, as far down the hierarchy as the administrator would like.

After the bulk assignment, individual planners and administrators can still assign new subplans or cancel subplans that were part of the bulk assignment.

Bulk Assign Subplans

To bulk assign subplans:

  1. Click the Bulk Assign button on the Assign Subplans page. This opens the Bulk Subplan Assignment page.

  1. Configure the following information on the Bulk Subplan Assignment page:
    1. Minimum reports in manager's organization - Enter the number of direct/indirect reports for the manager to whom you are assigning the subplan. By default, the value in this field is "50." There is no character limit or maximum number of reports that can be entered. However, the higher the number in this field, the less likely it is that there will be managers in the organization with that meet the criteria of having many direct/indirect reports.
    2. Maximum levels from the top of the organization - Enter the number of manager levels you want to go down from the top of the plan. This allows you to limit the planning to senior/middle managers. You could also have a more comprehensive process by involving more levels of management. There is no character limit or maximum number of levels that can be entered. Note: If you create a plan for entire company, the number of levels will reference to the top most position of the organization in this level count. But, if you create a plan for a given Division Organizational Unit (OU), then the top most position in that division will be the reference point for this levels count, not the top level position in the organization.
    3. List of Positions and Users fitting the above criteria (csv) - This feature allows you to download an Excel file that lists the manager positions that fit the criteria defined in the Criteria section of the Bulk Subplan Assignment page. You can review and analyze your potential subplan assignment using this file. This step is optional.
    4. Due Date - Enter a date in the numeric text box or use the calendar to select a date. This is not a required field.
  2. Click Assign. This assigns the subplans. The users who are assigned the subplan are notified via email. Note: The email is hard-coded and cannot be modified. The text indicates that the user has been assigned the plan and states the area of the plan for which the user is responsible.

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