Review Task Central - Reviewee View

The reviewee view allows users to navigate between their personal review and any other steps assigned via the Review Actions menu.

To manage your review, select a link in the left navigation panel and complete the details in the right panel.

Standard Task

The following information applies to standard tasks.

Navigation Panel

The reviewee's review and any other assigned steps appear in the navigation panel. Selecting an item in the navigation panel displays its details in the right panel.

When a section of the review is completed, a green check appears next to the section title.

For convenience, the due date for the review step appears in the Due by field.

Off-Cycle Task

The left navigation panel for an off-cycle task shows each occurrence of the off-cycle task and the task title.

Reviewees can filter by step status or off-cycle task name.


  • Save for later - Option to save and exit the review
  • Next - Saves the review and moves to the next section
  • Previous - Saves the review and moves to the previous section