Review Task Central - Bulk Submit

Use the Task Central Bulk Submit page to save time by submitting multiple assigned review steps at one time. To use the bulk submit functionality, an administrator must enable bulk submit for the specific review step.

Bulk submit supports up to 1,000 users per bulk submit action.

Note: To use this functionality, Review Task Central must be enabled. See Activating Review Task Central.

Enabling Bulk Submit

To enable bulk submit:

  1. Go to Admin > Tools > PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT > TASKS.
  2. Select the edit icon for the appropriate review and then select the Review Workflow tab .
  3. In the Define Review Step section, check Enable Bulk Submit for this Review Step to allow bulk actions to appear in Review Task Central.

Submitting Bulk Review Steps

To submit bulk review steps:

  1. In the reviewer view, in the Review Actions menu, select the bulk action icon. The Bulk Actions page opens to display all bulk actions available to the reviewer.
  2. Click the Submit tab to view all available reviews.
  3. Select a review step. This enables the selection check-boxes.
  4. Click one or more reviews to submit.
  5. Click SUBMIT REVIEWS. A processing message appears

Once processing is done, a success message, a partial success message, or a failed message appears. If the bulk submit was not successful, you are returned to the bulk submit page to correct any errors and try again.

Note: During bulk action processing, the reviewer cannot navigate away from the Bulk Actions page.

Note: Bulk submit is enabled per step and cannot be enabled or disabled once a task is started.

Note: Overall Step Rating only shows in the bulk submit table if an administrator enables the For In Progress steps, commit Section and Step Scores to Reporting on Save by reviewers option in task administration.