Performance Review Tasks - Manage Batch Co-Planners

Use the Batch Manage Co-Planners page to assign co-planners to a performance review task in a batch. You can search for, then add or remove co-planners.

To access the Batch Manage Co-Planners page, go to Admin > Tools > Performance Management > Tasks. In the Options column, click the Batch Actions ellipses, and then click Batch Manage Co-Planners.



Search for Reviewees

Complete the following fields, as necessary to display search results based on the selected criteria.

  • Select Relation Type: Select the reviewer relation type available for this task.
  • Filter by Availability: Select the appropriate Organizational Unit (OU) to narrow search results. Options are:
    • All Users
    • Division
    • Position
    • Grade
    • Cost Center
    • Location
    • Group
    • Self Registration Group
    • Users
  • Specific users by:
    • Type: Search by type of user. Options are Reviewer, Reviewee, or Co-Planner.
    • Last Name: The last name of the user.
    • First Name: The first name of the user.
    • User ID: The user id assigned to the user.

    Click the Search button to display user search results.

Add or Remove a Batch of Co-Planners

To add or remove a batch of co-planners

  1. Search for the appropriate co-planners.
  2. In the search results table, select all or several names that you want to add as co-planners for this task.
  3. Select one of the following:
    • To add co-planners, click the Add Co-Planner button.
    • To remove co-planners, click the Remove Co-Planner button.

    The Select User panel opens.

  4. Search for the co-planners you want to assign to the selected reviewees. Note: You can only add users that are currently associated with a role that can be added as co-planner.
  5. In the Search Results section, select the Add icon for the appropriate users. The selected users appear in the Selected User table.
  6. Click the Done button. All of the selected users are added or removed as co-planners for the appropriate Performance Review Task.

Note: You can only add co-planners that are not the same as the reviewee, reviewer, or an already added co-planner, or if there is no reviewer for any reviewee.

Download a List of Co-Planners

Click the Excel icon to download a list of co-planners. The downloaded .xlsx file contains the following information:

  • Reviewee Name and ID
  • Reviewer Name and ID
  • Co-Planner Name and ID
  • Task Title
  • Review Period