Development Plan Templates

Use development plan templates to create a predefined development plan, including objectives, training, and action items that a user can access and then modify to match their specific needs. When creating a template, the administrator selects a specific user population that can view and request the template. For example, if an administrator is creating a development plan template for managers, they can configure the availability so that it is only available to managers.

The Development Plan Templates page enables administrators to view, manage, and create development plan templates.

To access the Development Plan Templates page, go to Admin > Performance management. In the Development Plan section, select Plan Templates.


Search for templates by title or description and view the relevant search results in the Template table.

Add New Template

Select this button to create a new development plan template. This opens the Create Development Plan Template page. See Create/Edit Development Plan Template .

Templates Table

All existing templates are displayed in this table. The following information is displayed for each template:

  • Template - This is the template title.
  • ID - This is the system-generated ID that is associated with the template.
  • Category - This is the development plan category that was selected for the template.
  • Date Created - This is the date on which the template was created.


The following actions may be available in the Actions column:

  • Edit - Select this option to edit the development plan template. See Create/Edit Development Plan Template .
  • Delete - Select this option to delete the development plan template. The deleted template will no longer be available for users to use to create a development plan.