Development Plan Categories

Use the Development Plan Categories page to enable users to categorize their development plans. Administrators can create, view, edit, and manage development plan categories.

To access the Development Plan Categories page, go to Admin > Tools > Performance Management, and in the Development Plan section, select Development Plan Categories.

Add Development Plan Category

To add a new development plan category:

  1. Select the Add Development Plan Category button.
  2. On the Add Development Plan Category flyout, enter the category name. The character limit for this field is 256. If multiple languages are enabled for your portal, you can provide localized content for all available languages. The category name is a required field.
  3. Click Save. The new category appears on the Development Plan Categories main page.

After you create a development plan category, you must add them in the Development Plan Categories section of Development Plan Preferences to make them available within a development plan. See Development Plan Categories .

Development Plan Category Table

All existing development plan categories are displayed in this table. The following information is displayed:

  • Title - The name of the development plan category.
  • Active - To make a development plan category active or inactive, select or deselect the Active option next to the category. This action is automatically saved. When a category is inactive, it is not available for selection within the system.
  • Options - For each existing category, select the appropriate icon:
    • Localize/Edit - Either the Localize or Edit option is available for each item.
      • Localize - If multiple languages are enabled for your portal, select the Translate icon to translate the field into other available languages. This option also enables you to edit the category name for the default language.
      • Edit - If multi-language is not enabled, select this icon to edit the category name. This opens a flyout in which you can modify the name.
    • Delete - Select this icon to delete the development plan category. A confirmation pop-up opens. This option is only available if the category is not in use.