Replacement of WalkMe with Cornerstone Guide for In-app Guidance

With the July ’24 release, we are migrating our in-product support from WalkMe to our own Guide tool. Guide provides the same helpful information and guidance but with a new look and feel.




Through a phased rollout, Guide is automatically enabled in portals that have WalkMe. For customers who previously disabled WalkMe content, Guide content is automatically disabled.

Rollout Schedule

Guide will automatically be enabled in portals per the schedule below and only in portals that already have WalkMe. Guide will not be enabled for customers that opted out of WalkMe.​

Date Enablement Step
June 26, 2024 (UAT 1 Deployment)* Guide is enabled in Stage environment
July 3, 2024 (UAT 2 Deployment)* WalkMe is disabled in Stage environment only
July 26, 2024 (Release Deployment)

Guide is enabled in Pilot environment

Guide is enabled in AU and JP Production environments

July 30, 2024 Guide is enabled in EU Production environment
August 2, 2024 Guide is enabled in UK Production environment
August 7, 2024 Guide is enabled in US and LAX Production environments
August 9, 2024 Guide is enabled in all remaining environments

*WalkMe and Guide in-app support may appear simultaneously in Stage between June 26 and July 3. ​

Considerations and Exclusions

The following considerations apply to Guide’s implementation:​

  • The migration to Guide can be validated in Stage portals during UAT.​
  • The in-product support content is not changing. The same content is available following the migration.​
  • In-app guidance text is only available in English (US).​
  • Guide uses browser cookies but does not capture any personal information.​
  • In-app Guide content does not appear to end users. It only appears on administrator-facing pages.​
  • The standard support Guide text cannot be customized.​
  • Customers can purchase Guide Enterprise to build content for Cornerstone or non-Cornerstone applications. To do so, they must purchase Guide Enterprise and contact Global Customer Support (GCS) to configure their Cornerstone account.​
  • When customers purchase Guide Enterprise and enable it for Cornerstone, the existing Cornerstone content is disabled and is not available in Cornerstone environments. Cornerstone can export the existing Cornerstone content to your instance of Guide, but this content is no longer maintained by Cornerstone.​
  • There is a possibility that WalkMe and Guide in-app support will appear simultaneously for a short time.​
  • Customers can contact GCS to disable the Guide content. For customers who previously disabled WalkMe content, Guide content is automatically disabled.​
  • Customers who originally opted out of WalkMe can submit a GCS ticket to enable Guide in their portal.
  • Customers who have their own WalkMe license and use that for end user support are not impacted and can continue to use WalkMe.​
  • Because Guide uses a third-party cookie, Guide will not work in Incognito or Private browser modes or if the browser is configured to block third-party cookies.​
  • To ensure Guide support appears for their administrators, organizations should work with their IT teams to add the following URLs to their list of safe-listed URLs, similar to how URLs were safe-listed for the WalkMe in-product support:​