Statuses Tab - Other Status Type

For statuses that are defined as the Other status type, the panel on the Statuses tab of the Applicant Profile page does not contain any functionality. The panel only displays the status name and type and is not expandable or collapsible. Multiple instances of Other status type panels may appear for a single applicant.

The Other status type is designed to be used for applicant status workflow steps that do not require any configurable functionality to be associated with the step. Example:Closed A status workflow has a custom status named Discussion and has a status type of Other. During the Discussion step of the status workflow, the applicant reviewers, hiring manager, and department head meet in-person to discuss the applicants and determine the top three prospects. This step does not require any configurable functionality, as it is an in-person, internal meeting that is a standard part of the organization's recruiting process. For this reason, the status type defined for the status is Other.

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