Create Interview Event - Availability

The Availability section enables administrators to define the users who will have access to the event when scheduling interviews. Defining the availability is required.

To create an interview event, go to Recruit > Interview Events & Sessions. Then, click the Create New Event link on the Interview Events & Sessions page.

Define Availability

To define the availability for the event:

  1. Select an OU in the OU Criteria field.
  2. Click the Search icon to the left of the field. This opens the Search [OU] pop-up
  3. Select the OU from the pop-up. This closes the pop-up and adds the OU to the Availability section.

One or more OUs can be added to this section. To add additional OUs, follow the above steps.


Once the required settings in each section are completed for the interview event, click OK to save the event.

Click Cancel to cancel creating, copying, or editing the event.