My Team - Profile

The Profile sublink displays a read-only view of a user's user record data, which includes custom OUs defined in My Team/Talent Profile Preferences (by Division). An email address link is available from which you can email the user. You can also access and edit the user's User Record page via the View User Record link.

Email User

To send the user an email:

  1. Click the user's email address link in the upper-right corner of the page.
  2. An email window opens in which you can create and send the email.

View/Edit User Record Page

To view and edit the User Record page:

  1. Click the View User Record link.
  2. The User Record page opens. If available, editable fields display in the Edit User, Organization Structure, and User Custom Fields sections.
  3. Edit the desired fields.
  4. Click Save. You are returned to the default landing page in My Team for the user.