SF-182 Request Management - Bulk Deny Requests

SF-182 requests can be denied in bulk via the Bulk Deny option available on the SF-182 Request Management page. Note: No additional permissions are required to bulk deny SF-182 forms. If the approver is the current approver in the approval workflow, they can bulk deny requests.

To access the SF-182 Request Management page, go to the Your Inbox widget on the Welcome page and select the Approve SF-182 Requests link. You can also access the page through the SF-182 Form Management navigation tab.

Bulk Deny

To deny SF-182 requests in bulk:

  1. Select the Bulk Deny option from the Bulk Actions drop-down menu.
  2. Select the checkbox to the left of all the SF-182 requests you want to deny.
  3. After all the requests you want to deny have been selected, click the Submit button at the bottom of the SF-182 Request Management page. Note: If more than 100 SF-182 requests are selected, a notification appears, explaining that only 100 SF-182 requests can be processed at one time. You can then modify your bulk denial.

  1. A confirmation pop-up appears, displaying the total number of requests that have been selected for denial. If users should receive an email about their denied request, leave the Send emails checkbox selected. If you do not want users to receive emails about their denied request, unselect this checkbox.
  2. To proceed with the bulk action for the specified number of requests, click the Yes button. If you would like to cancel the bulk action, click the No button instead.