Purchase by Proxy - Price Override

When creating a purchase by proxy transaction, administrators with the appropriate permission can modify the cost of each training item directly from the Shopping Cart page. A Enter discount amount field displays below each training item, which allows the administrator to enter a discount for the training.

To create a purchase by proxy transaction, go to Admin > Configuration Tools > Manage Transactions. Then, click the Create New Transaction link in the Transactions section. The Purchase by Proxy page opens. The Create New Transaction link is only available for users with permission to purchase learning objects on behalf of other users.

Discount Unit Price

On the Shopping Cart, a Enter discount amount field is available for each item in the shopping cart, which enables administrators to discount the unit price of the training item for the user.

To discount a training item:

  1. Enter the amount of the discount in the Enter discount amount field. The field accepts positive numeric characters up to the full unit price.

  1. Click Apply. This subtracts the discount from the purchase price and displays the adjusted amount in the Subtotal column. The cost center payment amount is adjusted, if applicable. To remove the discount prior to proceeding to Checkout, click the Remove icon to the right of the Enter discount amount field. This removes the discount and returns the price to the original amount.

Price Adjusted to Zero

If the administrator discounts the full unit price, then when the Proceed to Checkout button is selected, the Payment step is skipped. The administrator is taken to the Review step. If the administrator would like to change the discount, they can click Back on the Review page to readjust the price.

Invalid Discount Amount

If the amount entered in the Enter discount amount field is not a valid amount, then an error message displays below the field, indicating that the discount amount is invalid. Enter a valid amount in the field, and then click Apply.


If a coupon is used for a purchase by proxy transaction that includes a unit price discount, the coupon is applied after the unit price discount. The coupon does impact the unit price discount for a training item.

Tax Calculation

If tax is collected on the transaction, the adjusted unit price is used for the tax calculation of the training item.

Purchase Price Discount Workflow

User's Shopping Cart

If the discounted training item is also in the user's shopping cart, the price adjustment does not display in the user's view of the shopping cart.