Enforcing Prerequisites for Learning Assignment Tool - FAQ

All questions and example scenarios described below assume that the Enforce Prerequisites setting is enabled via Assignment Tool Preferences.

Example 1: Prerequisite is Included in Dynamic Recurring Learning Assignment

Q: Training A is a prerequisite for Training XYZ, and Training A is also included in a dynamic learning assignment which is set to recur on a yearly basis. John, an employee, has completed Training A and has been reassigned the training due to recurrence. If Training XYZ is later assigned to John and the Enforce Prerequisites option is enabled in his portal, will John receive Training XYZ?

A: No, John will not receive Training XYZ. Although he previously completed the prerequisite Training A, he has been assigned a new instance of the training and has not completed this instance prior to the assignment processing. Once John completes the prerequisite, he will be assigned Training XYZ.

Example 2: Prerequisites Added to Training Before Assignment Processes

Q: Heather created a learning assignment which is set to process on a future date, and the training included in the assignment did not have any prerequisites selected when Heather originally created the assignment. If she later adds a prerequisite to the training BEFORE the assignment processes, will the assignment enforce the newly added prerequisite?

A: Yes. Because the assignment has not yet processed, any changes made to the training will be applied to the assignment when it does process.

Example 3: User Completes Prerequisite After Dynamic Assignment Initially Processes

Q: A dynamic recurring learning assignment includes training with an associated prerequisite, and the assignment is set to process on a daily basis. If a user has not completed the prerequisite at the time the assignment processes but later completes the prerequisite training, will they receive the training in the assignment?

A: Yes. If the user meets the user criteria for the assignment, once they complete the prerequisite training, they will be assigned the training within the assignment the next time the assignment processes.

Example 4: Is User Notified They Did Not Receive Assignment Due to Incomplete Prerequisite?

Q: A user has not received an assignment because they failed to complete a prerequisite for the training included in the assignment. How will they know that they should have received the training but did not due to the incomplete prerequisite? Will they see the training on their transcript with a Pending Prerequisite status?

A: No. This functionality is not intended to be a tool used to manage prerequisites within the Learning Assignment Tool. This functionality is designed to prevent administrators from creating assignments that ignore prerequisite requirements. The training will not be assigned at all and will not be seen on the user’s transcript.

Example 5: Is the Enforce Prerequisites Option Copied When Copying an Assignment?

Q: If an administrator copies a learning assignment, is the Enforce Prerequisites option copied to the new assignment?

A: No. When copying a learning assignment, the Enforce Prerequisites option will NOT be copied to the new assignment. This setting respects default value set on the Assignment Tool Preferences page.

Troubleshooting Use Case

A new administrator at ACME Corp examines a dynamic learning assignment which has been active for a few months, and the administrator has just realized that some users haven’t been receiving the assignment. This administrator uses custom reporting to identify the users that have not received the training and determine whether or not these users completed the prerequisite training for the assignment.