Feature Activation

In order for the curriculum compliance features included in this enhancement to be available in Production portals, it is necessary to activate the functionality via the Learning Feature Activation Preferences page.

Important: Do not activate curriculum compliance functionality in Production until you have thoroughly tested it in Stage. Once this functionality is activated, it cannot be deactivated. This functionality is automatically enabled in Stage portals for testing.

To access Learning Feature Activation Preferences, go to: Admin > Tools > Learning > Learning Preferences and click the Feature Activation Preferences link.

Activate Curriculum Compliance Functionality

In order for the curriculum compliance features in this enhancement to be available in Production portals, an administrator must activate them. To activate this functionality in your portal:

  1. Click the Activate button in the Curriculum Compliance section. A warning message appears, asking if you are certain you want to activate this functionality in the portal.
  2. Click the Activate button to complete the activation of curriculum compliance features in the portal. Once activated, this functionality cannot be deactivated. To exit without activating this functionality, click the Cancel button.
  3. Log out of the portal and log in again to receive the permissions associated with the new functionality and begin using the new curriculum compliance.

After the feature has been activated, the orange header for the section turns green to indicate the activation was successful. The Activate button is no longer available once the feature has been activated.