Compliance - Users with Latest Version

Prior to this enhancement, during the versioning process, when the administrator specified that users who had received a previous version of the training via dynamic assignment should receive the updated version, the list of users generated by the system who would receive the new version was not entirely correct. Previously, any user who had been included in the dynamic assignment would be included in the list of users who should receive the new training version, even if the users did NOT actually receive the previous version as a result of the dynamic assignment.

With this enhancement, the list of users who receive with latest version of training during the versioning process is accurate. Only users who actually received a previous version of the training via dynamic learning assignment are included in the list generated during the versioning process of users who will receive the new version when the administrator specifies that the new version should be pushed to users who received the training via dynamic assignment.

Note: If the Assign New Occurrence option is turned off for the dynamic learning assignment, users with a previous version of the training on their transcript do not receive the training from the assignment. This enhancement ensures that only users assigned training by the learning assignment are given the latest version of the training when the filter is set to select users assigned by a dynamic learning assignment.