Compare Candidate API and Job Application API

The legacy Job Application API is built with the intention of integrating with Stepstone and other job boards that would have candidate involvement. The API could also be used for clients with very simple application workflows (i.e., just a resume). If the client has an application workflow with more types of action items, there needs to be candidate interaction so that the candidate can be redirected to the application workflow on the client's career site.

The Candidate API endpoints were created to be flexible in integrating with many different types of outside systems. Not only can customers utilize these endpoints to more deeply integrate with job boards, as more action item types are supported, customers can utilize the POST Application Workflow to submit candidates directly from a CRM in a complete or incomplete status.

Feature Job Application API Candidate API
Submitting application with a resume in a completed state YES YES
Submitting application in an incomplete state NO YES
Redirecting candidates to the career site, if there are unsupported action items YES NO
Support Additional Attachments and Cover Letter YES YES
Support PSQs NO YES
Support Compliance Questions NO YES
Support Disclaimers NO YES
Support Notes NO YES