vILT Connector - Support for Third Party Extended Options

Each third party meeting vendor (e.g. Webex, Zoom) has many options that can be configured for virtual meetings. For example, a host or administrator can choose whether to start a meeting with everyone muted by default, and whether meetings are set to auto-record. These options are often needed for instructor-led training (ILT) sessions run through Cornerstone.

Integrations using the vILT connector can now surface some extended options through the Cornerstone UI so that an administrator may configure them when creating a session.

To access the Extended Options page, go to: ILT > Manage Events and Sessions. Either search for an existing session to edit or create a new session, and progress through the editing or creation workflow to the Details page. In the Configure Extended Options for vILT section, click the Click Here link to open the Extended Options page.


The following considerations apply to this enhancement:

  • Only 100 controls are supported on the Extended Options page.
  • Only three nested levels are supported for any one extended option. For example: Audio > Mute > Mute only people who come in after five minutes.
  • The Extended Options page is only available for organizations which have an integration with vILT connector providers.
  • Three types of extended options are supported:
    • Radio button extended option
    • Checkbox extended option
    • Text box extended option