Enable and Configure Percipio via Edge Marketplace and Edge Integrate

The Percipio integration can be purchased for an additional cost via the Edge Marketplace. Once purchased, the integration can be configured by an administrator via Edge Integrate. Percipio courses will be available within 24 hours after enabling the integration. Note: Edge integrations can be enabled for no cost in Pilot and Stage portals, allowing organizations to test the integration prior to purchasing.

Note: If an existing Percipio integration exists for the organization, it must be disabled prior to enabling the new integration.

Integration Guide

Select this link to download the Skillsoft Percipio Integration Guide.

Edge Marketplace

To enable the Percipio integration in Edge, go to: Admin > Tools > Edge > Marketplace. The Marketplace opens in a new browser tab.

Search or browse for the Percipio integration. Two Percipio integration tiles are available in the Edge Marketplace:

  • Percipio-US - This version of the integration is for US-based organizations
  • Percipio-EU - This version of the integration is for European Union or global companies (including US-based) which have employees located in Europe

To enable the Percipio integration, click the Percipio tile that is relevant to your organization. Then, click the Install button to enable the integration for your organization. Purchase is required when enabling the integration for a Production portal. Please contact your Account Manager for pricing information.

Edge Integrate

After enabling the integration, an administrator can configure the integration by doing the following:

  1. Add the Account ID as provided by Skillsoft to the Settings page for the integration in Edge Integrate and click the Save Settings button. Only when the Account ID is active from Skillsoft’s side will courses will be synchronized to the Course Catalog.
  2. Communicate the Client ID and Client Secret field values to Skillsoft's team. These credentials should be configured on Skillsoft’s side to enable the communication of progress reporting back to Cornerstone’s platform.